Commercial Greenhouse Design & Construction


Call Skinner Green for all your greenhouse needs.

Skinnergreen specializes in Commercial Greenhouses, Greenhouse Installation and more. Skinnergreen is a consulting and contracting firm specializing in Greenhouse construction for private individuals, schools and businesses.

Dan Skinner Owner and Operator of Skinner Green is an expert in greenhouse design, horticulture, aquaponics & landscaping.

Skinnergreen was founded on Earth Day, 2013 in Louisville Kentucky. Skinner Greenhouses is affiliated with Skinnergreen and maintains contracts that Skinnergreen personel completes. Including private greenhouses, drainage projects, paving projects and learning greenhouses for schools like The Chance School in Louisville.

Serving in and around:

  • Fort Wayne, IN
  • Nashville, TN
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Louisville, KY

Greenhouse Services:

  • Commercial Greenhouses
  • Aluminium Greenhouse
  • Greenhouse Installation
  • Research Greenhouses
  • Vintage Greenhouse
  • Antique Greenhouse
  • Teaching Greenhouses
  • Educational Greenhouse
  • Greenhouse Restoration
  • Classic Conservatories
  • Estate Gardens Design
  • Botanical Gardens Design
  • Attached Greenhouse Solarium
Picture of Greenhouse Construction Expert Dan Skinner Located in Ft. Wayne, IN

“I enjoy the design and building of greenhouses. I understand that the new greenhouse movement in America will reshape the contours of the next century. Let’s go!” 

– Dan Skinner